VMware recently announced that purchasing vSphere Enterprise will no longer be possible starting on 1 June. If your organisation uses these licenses, you will be able to continue using them with full right to support until 2020. However, switching to vSphere Enterprise Plus or vSphere Enterprise Plus with Operations Management right away is an interesting option, as VMware is giving 50% off on several of the upgrade possibilities.

vSphere Enterprise Plus en vSphere Standard
These are the versions that will still be available after June. From then on, the combination with vRealize Operations Manager Standard will only be available in combination with vSphere Enterprise Plus.

vSphere Enterprise Plus
This version was introduced to improve operational management many years ago. Over time, it was enhanced with several options, all of them aimed to better be able to control the environment. On top of that, the vSphere Operations Management option provides additional insights and risk probability calculations and helps plan for the future.

vSphere with Operations Management
The vSOM Standard and Enterprise will be dropped. The same end date for support of 2020 goes for these two (including extension). vSOM Standard and Enterprise will be divided up into separate components, vSphere Standard or Enterprise and vRealize Operations Management Standard. If you would like to add not only the vSOM Standard and Enterprise functionalities, but Advanced Management as well, you can do so via vRealize Operations Management Advanced. Of course, there is also the option of upgrading to the vCloud Suite, for which the Standard subscription already includes the Advanced Management features.

Changes in vRealize Suite
Transferable Licensing (Portable License Unit – PLU) is a new feature; this will allow you to protect your investment in VMware. The current vRealize Suite licenses can be used to manage VMs in your current environment or VMs in the Cloud (including public clouds or KVM-XenServer and Hyper-V platforms that require VMware management).

vRealize CPU licenses can be converted for use in the Cloud with a conversion rate of 15 OSi licenses* per CPU license.

* OSi definition VMware: ‘Operating Systems Instance’ means a single installation of an operating system on a non-virtualized physical server or Virtual Machine.

Summary vRealize editions

  • Standard – Intelligent Operations
  • Advanced – Automated IT to ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ (IaaS)
  • Enterprise – Dev Ops – Ready IT

The prices of the vRealize Suite Advanced and Enterprise will be lowered, because they will both no longer include a Configuration manager and because Advanced IT management has become a separate product.

Changes in VMware vCloud Suite
There will be more price changes here, due to a change in the functionalities. The prices of vCloud Suite Standard and Advanced will go up, because they will include the following functionalities:

  • vROps Advanced (used to be vROps Standard)
  • Log Insight
  • PLU licenses
  • Cloud Casting

The price of vCloud Suite Enterprise will go down, because vCloud Suite Enterprise will no longer include SRM. SRM has become a separate product.

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