Avit-Xantes: cooperating on digital transformation

The digitisation of our society is a fact. Businesses and governments all over the world are on the verge of or fully engulfed in the transformation into becoming digital businesses. Anyone who does not keep up with these developments will be left behind. The competitive field is complex and the drive to innovate is strong.

Cost management and agility take turns on the board’s agenda, right next to topics such as customer satisfaction, security and Big Data. In any case, the quality of IT is essential to virtually any organisation. Reduced availability presents a direct threat and being future-proof is a must.

Investing in the knowledge of top-of-the-line specialists

At Avit-Xantes, we are convinced that this context calls for the smartest possible investments in the total IT landscape and therefore the IT infrastructure. That is why we continuously invest in the development of the brightest people ourselves. As experienced network integrators, we know that clients highly value the knowledge and expertise of top-of-the-line specialists and that they put their trust in experts who can effectively translate their business strategies into innovative network solutions.

Extensive knowledge of focus sectors

With the help of our architects and engineers, we help medium-sized and large (national and international) organisations respond effectively to the challenges they face and bring their business objectives within reach.

We focus on several sectors of which we have extensive knowledge. This allows us to proactively respond to the specific challenges our clients in these sectors face.

 Maximum client satisfaction

We are a compact and flexible organisation with over 90 employees. The lines are short, our hierarchy is flat and our effectiveness is great. On top of that, Avit-Xantes operates independently. This allows us to respond quickly and concretely to our clients’ demands.

This remarkable combination of quality, knowledge and a focus on the customer means we can be proud of our large number of satisfied clients. Several years in a row, we received Cisco’s Customer Satisfaction Excellence status for our efforts in keeping clients happy at all times.

Leading the charge, today and tomorrow

Avit-Xantes wants to lead the charge in terms of quality and innovation – not just today, but tomorrow as well. This is more than a statement; it is basically a way of life for our people. The thirst for knowledge, the focus on improvement and improving, is embedded in our very DNA. We, the employees of Avit-Xantes, stimulate each other in this regard. We share information, help and challenge each other. This open dialogue brings out the best in everyone and allows us to achieve optimal results for our clients every day.

The highest certifications for
the highest level of quality

The quality we value so much relies largely on the expertise of the people responsible. We are proud of our status as a Cisco Gold Partner and our ranks include the highest percentage of Cisco-certified experts out of all independent network integrators in Europe.

This knowledge density characterises our organisation, which consists of highly motivated specialists. Every day, they are hard at work to proactively resolve our clients’ infrastructural issues. That is done from our office or at the client’s location, anywhere in the world.

Cisco Gold Partner

Microsoft Partner Gold Server Platform

NetApp Gold Partner

KPN Goud Business Partner

VMware Partner Enterprise Solution Provider

Axis Solution Silver Partner

Citrix Partner Solution Advisor

Milestone Platinum Partner

LG Business Partner

Knowledge centre

As a network integrator, we know that knowledge is something to be cherished, especially given the rate at which the market and its needs keep changing. That is why we stay on top of the latest developments at all times. We not only make sure that our experts and specialists remain leaders in their respective fields, but we also feel a responsibility to express this knowledge and share it with others.

With that in mind, we founded our Knowledge Centre. This is where you can find everything you need to help you deal with complicated issues: case studies, whitepapers, specific product information, etcetera. If you have a specific question, you can always contact our Sales department by calling +31 (0)30 600 41 00.


Only the best suppliers

Operational excellence is very important to us; everything we do revolves around delivering the highest possible quality. That is why we opted to work exclusively with the best suppliers our industry has to offer.

Avit-Xantes has long-term partnerships with these suppliers. These organisations are leaders in their respective markets and they affect the course of today’s digital transformation.

Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO), founded in 1984, originally specialised mainly in routers. Routers and switches form the backbone of the internet. Over 80% of the basic technologies of the internet were developed by Cisco.

NetApp is a leading supplier of innovative storage and data management solutions that help organisations all over the world store, manage, protect and maintain their information. NetApp’s head office is located in Sunnyvale, California. NetApp is listed on the NASDAQ-100 and it is one of the Fortune 500 businesses.

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), founded in 1975, is the world’s largest software company with over 100,000 employees in over 60 countries. Microsoft develops, distributes, licenses and supports e.g. SMEs, large businesses and governments.