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For decades now, the education sector has been subject to major upheaval. Funding, increased scales, fusions, cooperation: these topics are regularly on the agenda. There is a need to stand out, for example with the “Excellent School” hallmark. Digitisation is also becoming an important part of the education sector.

Students need and get educational tools that tie in with their daily lives. Learning everywhere and all the time, using any device you want should not be a problem anymore. Learning at your own pace and level is becoming a reality. The integration of digital tools, online learning materials and social media is becoming more and more common.


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Cloud Connected School: integrated cloud solutions

To answer these questions, Avit-Xantes has developed a fully integrated concept for the education sector: Cloud Connected School. With our enterprise network and data services, we connect and centralise the IT landscape, which we house in our cloud infrastructure via a direct (fibreglass) connection. We provide the right bandwidth, set up the wired and wireless networks and offer an open platform for digital educational tools and applications via our data centre. ELOs, applications, AD etcetera are connected using the IAM solution XIMEx for Education, which we designed specifically for the education sector. This solution allows administrative processes to be fully automated. We take care of the infrastructure’s management and maintenance, including workspaces. We provide physical security using the latest CCTV systems. We offer all this “As a Service,” with a fixed monthly price per student. This makes IT expenses insightful, predictable and verifiable and offers maximum flexibility.

Avit-Xantes: Active partner of the ION Foundation

Avit-Xantes is an active partner of the Innovative Education Netherlands Foundation (ION Foundation). The ION Foundation’s mission is to speed up the digitisation in the secondary education sector by offering maximum IT advice to all secondary education institutes in the Netherlands. The ION Foundation believes it has achieved its goal once all secondary education schools in the Netherlands have the right IT infrastructure and can make optimal use of the possibilities IT offers. This will allow all students to learn in the manner that suits them best.


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